Why are we filming


Why are we filming?

Your child’s club has asked us to film the match so they can analyse match performances.

How are you keeping my child safe?

All footage will be stored on a secure platform for only the eyes of the club.  AoS are clear that footage cannot be downloaded or shared without expressed permission.

What about the photographers?

All AoS staff are enhanced DBS checked and receive regular advanced safeguarding training (ask to see our lanyards)

If you wish to see our safeguarding policies and procedure go to www.aosport/safeguard or contact our senior safeguarding lead milly@keystosafeguarding.com

What courses have the staff been on?

All our employees complete in their induction the following training:

  • Intro to child protection 19/10/2010
  • Advanced child protection 19/10/2020
  • Designated safeguarding lead 20/10/2020
  • Intro to safeguarding adults 20/10/1010