A training, coaching, and session platform for coaches to educate, develop and evaluate players

A training, coaching, and session platform for coaches to educate, develop and evaluate players

AoSport is a platform for coaching, training, education and development platform that work with any video and recording equipment, especially drones and cameras which is proven to enhance your coaching sessions and delivery. 

  • development in skills, knowledge and standards for coaches, managers and players from training sessions
  • performances and standards in competition and training sessions
  • coaching delivery, awareness and methodologies through analysis and evaluation that is shared interactively between coaching, staff and players
  • training and coaching sessions, tactics, drills and skill sessions to improve the education, understanding, knowledge, development and standards for coaches and players 
  • a coaching and player education and development pathway, structure and process for your club, coaching staff, players, association and organisation through training and competitive situations
  • evidence for coaching courses

The platform's primary focus is for coaching development and education from your training and coaching sessions being recorded but it can also be used for any sporting clubs, teams, development teams, regional teams or sporting organisations at any level.  

AoSport can be used for the filming, recording, live streaming and analysis of training, coaching sessions, drills, games, tournaments, fixtures or leagues. Our platform incorporates any filming equipment such as cameras, drones, and AI-Automated Sports Cameras to enhance your training and coaching delivery.

Ireland Rugby League Partners

AOS worked with Ireland Rugby League during the 2022 Rugby League World Cup. AOS delivered analysis via multi-camera angles and the use of a drone to elevate their understanding of plays and player development. Take a look at what head coach, Ged Corcoran, had to say about AOS below.