Training Sessions

With AoSport you can now film your training and coaching sessions using a drone or camera to get instant feedback for analysis. AoSport has been designed as the perfect coaching and player educational development that aids progression quickly.  The platform enables analysis, evaluation, tracking and assessment of every session, drill or tactic. This is personalised for any coach, club, player, official or assistant at any level. 

It is not just about stats for us 

AoSport fundamentally focuses on the education and development of all players, coaches, and assistants. We aim to enhance the viewing, learning, knowledge and understanding of the respective session and game to ensure continued progression and in turn to develop and raise standards for all sports. If you are willing to learn and develop your coaching or sporting ability, we are happy to help. 

If you are wanting to watch performances, AoSport will broadcast them (live or recorded). You and your players and staff can then individually assess, develop and educate by using our platform. This can then be shared with individuals or as a group. We want you to develop and improve your training sessions regardless of level or involvement in the game and learn from your training sessions by: 

  • tagging each decision made to identify strengths and weaknesses of players, tactics, systems and opponents
  • providing highlight reels and action plans for players and coaches
  • observation and assessment tools to enhance the education and development of all players and coaches.

AoSport can help you to create the best mentoring and coaching platform allowing you to set your suited criteria. A bank of evaluation and decision clips can be generated to assess skills, drills, plays and tactics of individuals allowing for improvements to be made.

These tags can be referenced within the software to create best practice models or discussion points for forums and one-to-one mentoring sessions. Evaluation sessions between the coach and performer, assessors, peers and associations can help to drive standards and, most importantly, the performance levels of the players, teams and participants.