Raising Standards

Our coaching  and session platform enables any coach within any club or organisation a centralised platform to assist with their development and raise standards.

The AoSport platform is simple to set up and can be as simple as you want it. All you need is a drone, or a camera, or both. The more angles you want, the more drones and cameras you need.

The AoSport platform enables you to raise standards by:

  • offering support and guidance to coaches and players help advise and progress the future
  • drill or tactical by game analysis, performance over time analysis
  • tailor feedback and mentoring sessions for all coaches at all levels
  • analysis software used for professional development for replays of each session, drill, tactic or play
  • comparing players, coaching, objectives or what ever criteria you wish to set
  • increased contact with coaches and players
  • implement training plans in advance following progress and up skill coaches.
  • evaluate and assess performances over time to help coaching and player development
  • include training plans, observation and assessment sessions - to share good practice for other coaches
  • improve players decision making and increase their knowledge of coaching 
  • enhance standards of preparation and delivery