Players Analysis

Keys to Football Platform

Player Development – Feedback and Self Analysis

How much you want to improve as a player is entirely upto you, you get out what you put in.  Our platform can help you and your all round game and in turn help your team.

With coaches been able to get and show you tactics online prior to the next game or even a training session, or on a personal level, watching areas of your game and getting feedback from your coach and also being able to self-analyse your game. Track the progress you are making, compare game situations, watch all your corners, all your free kicks, all your tackles and analyse how your game has changed and set targets where you would like to improve. Getting support from senior elite coaches if you choose to do so. Getting support from your club coach.

The platform will help your thinking processes to take you to the next level.

Coaches can make players think better and think cleaner, what are they doing next is there another option. Watch this short video and think where players could improve, make better decisions. 

What would you recommend, if you have positive recommendations you are now developing, you are coaching your own brain and could potentially help a teammate. Now imagine all this fully track able, with progress clearly identifiable, where you can analyse two videos side by side. Perfect for any team watching the development of any player, new formation, set pieces. 


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