Name that Referee quiz!

Name that Referee quiz! The game is Name that Referee. So it’s a 4-3-3 system but who gets the nod?  Send your answers to or give us comments.   GK          Now retired, he was once compared by Fergie to a butcher’s dog   RB           Makem who has made it to the top – quite a rare thing CB           Quite a character who is know to like a parmo or 5. CB           Self-appointed leader who always felt his name destined him to win any vote LB           Always elegant, indeed a short back and sides would be his byword   RM         Midfield enforcer likely to police this patch well CM         King of the stepover, Strictly in the cause of letting the game flow of course! LM          Scholes lookalike and hopefully as good   RW         1980 FA Cup Final ref – can’t remember who followed him!! CF           “Fittest referee ever seen” we were told.  Let him be the ‘judge’ of that LW          Was it this Scot who shot JR? Remember to sign up for our membership for more blogs, news articles and TV Shows Thanks Ian Gunn