My Favourite Referee Footballing 11

My Favourite Referee Footballing 11 Here is my Referee Footballing team... By Roger Dilkes Goalkeeper               Trevor Simpson                             Ex Halifax No 1 – The Cat 2                                Roger Dilkes                                 Terrier in the tackle at the Dale 3                                  Clive Wilkes                                 Gloucester’s finest 4                                  Jack Taylor                                   Wolves butcher 5                                  Bob Matthewson                          Bolton stopper 6                                  Steve Baines                                Huddersfield, Bradford City & Chesterfield professional 7                                  John Lloyd                                    Wrexham wizard 8                                  John Moss                                    Sunderland, Millwall 9                                  George Courtney                          Captain of my team, leader 10                                Mark Halsey                                  Cambridge City, Hertford Tn 11                                Allan Gunn                                    Sussex County, a great ‘lefty’   All these former referees have graced the fields of football in different eras, but whilst they will be remembered for numerous outstanding performances and prestigious appointments over many years, few will be recognised for their former love of the game. What is yours! More to come. Thanks Roger Dilkes