How much do your referees really know?

How much do your referees really know?

How much do your referees understand?

How much do you really know?
How do you monitor their knowledge and their understanding to help them and to increase performance and refereeing standards?

We have a great system that tracks progress from day 1 using the platform, no matter where you are on your referee journey.
Do you really know the laws of the game or just enough to get you through, or do you know more than the average, do you believe this is good enough, especially when being paid to a job to the best of your ability?

We want to improve refereeing to a whole new level help referees be the best you can be, we have active referees and retired FIFA referees working with us. The platform is a UK government-backed platform, with education at the forefront, and supported by OFSTED’s findings.

To find out how we CAN improve with the best mentoring and coaching platform there is the only one that helps with cognitive thinking as part of its analysis and confirmation the referee understands and can track their development.

We are the next step to analysis

The platform e-learning tools help with learners suffering from dyslexia with specific fonts to help can also change background colour to help with the text visibility.

Access to masterclass lessons, to acknowledge and understand fouls and misconduct, improve referees drop zone. Followed by questions of understanding ensuring referees continuly improve their knowledge base at their speed in their own time.

The platform enables you to set your own criteria for different levels of referees and follow what criteria they are reaching and how often are they reaching this skills bar. Monitor and follow a referees development and progress

An even bigger question for you as an individual or as an organisation how do you track your coaches, mentors, volunteers and staff regards the standards you want to see. How are they meeting the criteria and what training are you offering them. The platform incorporates all this and so much more.

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