Keys to RL

Keys to RL

Rugby League specific analysis, development  and evaluation software

Consultancy Services

Safeguarding Audits: Full inspection of current processes, policies, and frameworks designed to highlight safeguarding risks within your organisation.

Sport Club Audits: We have several very experienced safeguarding auditors who are Safeguarding Panel Members for Sports Resolution.

Training & CPD: Face to face training to your organisation. Bespoke training to meet the specific needs of your staff and your sporting organisation.

Post Incident Review: Our consultants guide staff to reflect on an incident to promote critical thinking around best practice and safeguarding.

Independant Investigations: Our highly qualified consultants can carry out a thorough independent investigation on behalf of your sporting organisation.
Supervision: We have a consultant trained in supervision. Supervision can take many forms depending on the needs of an individual.
Policy & Procedure Development: We develop your policies, tailoring them to your specific organisation, demonstrating your commitment to safeguarding.
Direct work with children: One of our consultants is trained to provide pastoral support with children, such as exploring children’s memories of events.