We can stream. We can film. We can be a studio. But most importantly our platforms are designed as a learning and development platform that enables analysis, evaluation, tracking and assessment which is personalised for any sport at any level (live or recorded). 

It is not just about STATS for us – It’s about education and development of all players, coaches, referees and officials. We aim to enhance the viewing, learning, knowledge and understanding of the respective game ensuring continued progression and in turn to develop and raise standards for all sports. 

If you are willing to learn, we are happy to help. 

If you are wanting to watch it, we will broadcast it.  You can then assess and learn using our platform. We want you to develop regardless of level or involvement in the game.


Use the broadcasting and analysis software for: 

  • E-learning to break barriers to learning over distances 
  • Stats and Progress linked via e-learning set by highlight reels, action plans 
  • Strengths and weakness of officials, players, tactics, systems and opponents 
  • Online observation and assessment.

We want the learning aspects to help improve knowledge and understanding of the context of sports participation at all levels, in every role (coaching, officiating and playing). 

All learning, answers and comments are tracked and recorded to enhance the thinking, knowledge and understanding of the participants or officials to help achieve goals and promotions.

These types of e-learning aspects we use are:

  • video assessment and analysis for decisions made in an agreed recorded fixture
  • tagging each decision made to identify strengths and weaknesses
  • using learning management slides to help develop strategies to manage the game 
  • information and discussion slides to demonstrate skills when performing 
  • scenario based learning to make it personal 
  • questions and answer slides to test knowledge and understanding of general play 
  • policies and procedures regarding the laws of the game 
  • one to one and forum discussion with our team or mentors 
  • tests regarding laws of the game 
  • tests for developing knowledge and understanding for promotion 
  • One to one learning and assessment online