Coaches can use the broadcasting and analysis software to:

• Coach your coaches and put them on a development journey.
• Implement your coaching philosophy
• Identify the correct training needs for individual players
• Create objectives with virtual sessions and criteria
• Identify key points to unlock talent 
• Action planning over time to improve results and performances

Coaching : Our platform is designed to create the coach more contact time with players which means improved development.

Coaches using the platform

The coaching platform is exceptional for everyone, you can view and analyse Saturdays game, Mondays training and relate it to the tactics session because we believe it is no longer about how far someone run, what their heat map is, and how many passes they made but its about their decision making. This is next generation analysis and the thought process.

Tracking the progress of players and where they are improving, not improving, are they progressing at the speed you want them to is essential but it is now more important to educate them so the Head coaches can analyse other coaches feedback to players, creating action plans and performance logs so that all standards across the club are increasing.

Coaching the Coaches: Raising Standards 

Lots of clubs have an ethos, and a desire of how they want teams to learn. This is passed from the head coach to the most junior coach in the club. The head coach can’t be everywhere. The Keys to football online platform can help clubs get their messages through quickly, setting criteria’s to each level of coach regards expectations and not only up-skill them, but track their progress as the club raises their standards. When coaches are part time or volunteer, you can work on their development even when they are in the comfort of their own home. The platform has a full moderation section so you can assess coaches and the work they do with your current first teamers or your future first teamers.

Coaches Recording training for standard purposes

Did each player follow your instructions, with full evidential support you can have an online coaching session and do not need to be in the same room, you can highlight development areas and create a action plan, individually or as a group. Building from grassroots to the elite for an improved tomorrow.

Coaching the team from a distance

The real beauty is when you have another game so quickly, everything can be planned and allocated to individual players, the defence, midfield, attackers and so many other areas.

Fully Trackable with extensive safeguarding tools to protect all parties.


It has been really beneficial working with Analysis of Sport and Keys to Football, as it has developed the way I plan, evaluate and prepare for matches using both video and data analysis that Is provided. For example, I receive full game footage that allows me to have an objective view on the performance alongside my own subjective opinion from being in the dug out on Match days. From that I am able to get analyse certain aspects of the game to share with players or just to inform the next training session or match. The data analysis has evolved over the season to provide more detailed analysis of performance. I look forward to working with K2F in the future To provide more detailed and personalised analysis of performance. I highly recommend them to support coaches and managers in their planning and evaluation of sports performance.
Ian Richards, 1st Team Manager, Penistone Church FC

Having Analysis of Sport and Keys to RL is a massive help especially with us being in a part time environment, time is limited with full time jobs and families so the importance of being able to coach and educate from the comfort of your own home is a huge game changer and allows that extra 1 on 1 coaching time which is so important!

Keith Senior, First Team Coach & Great Britain Legend, Sheffield Eagles