About AoSport

Analysis of Sport is a coaching education and performance platform that was formed to help coaches, players, and officials a central portfolio to evaluate and develop their thinking, decision making and cognitive skills to criteria and standards which helps improve performances with coaching sessions and practices.

Our platform has been created exclusively by a group of ex-world class elite coaches, professional and semi-professional performers, referees and sports psychologists. 

Players, coaches and back room staff use the software to access a range of learning, development, and evaluation  tools that can help moderate, standardise and educate all users.  

This is then tracked and recorded so then have a development and action plan to work on within practices and games (with live mentoring ex elite players, coaches, and international referees to offer advice and guidance). We have create a software platform for players, coaches and now officials that every decision, action, and standard is achieved or not. The system also provides specialist safeguarding and educational features as this is the centre of all our practice.